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How do I make an appointment?

The easiest way is to choose your services and appointment time through our nifty booking form. You can also email us at or give us a call at 682-651-7655.

How much time should an appointment take?

If the piano is in excellent condition, a regular tuning will take about 1.5 hours. A pitch raise (see below) will add another 1 hour. Repairs will take more or less time depending on the nature of the repair.

How often should a piano be tuned?

A piano begins to go out of tune the moment the piano technician stops tuning. How often a piano should be tuned depends on a number of factors. One thing few people realize is that humidity and temperature changes are the primary cause of a piano’s going out of tune. Another factor is how heavily the piano is used. While its true that a heavily played piano will need more regular care, a piano that is rarely played will still greatly benefit from regular tuning as a preventative measure. Most manufacturers recommend having a piano tuned at least twice a year, but the needs of the individual instrument should be considered when deciding how often to tune. Please visit the following link for more information.

How often should my piano be serviced?

What is a pitch raise?

A pitch raise is a rough tuning to return a piano’s strings to approximate tension before a fine tuning can be done. It is necessary to perform a pitch raise if the piano has has been without a tuning for a long time or has been exposed to significant environmental changes. Please visit the following link for more information.

Pitch Raising

What is regulation?

Regulation is the adjustment of the parts in the piano that transfer the energy from your fingers to the piano’s strings. This aspect of piano maintenance is unrelated to tuning but is just as important. Regulation affects how the piano feels. Pianists of all ages and skill levels will benefit from playing on a piano that is in proper regulation. Please visit the following link for more information.


What is voicing?

In addition to tuning and regulation, voicing is an important part of any piano’s maintenance. Voicing refers to the adjustment of the piano’s quality of sound or tone produced by the hammers striking the strings. Regular voicing will help produce an even, well-rounded sound. Please visit the following link for more information.


These links are provided by Piano Technicians Guild Inc. Visit the resources page of the Piano Technicians Guild web site for more information on a wide range of topics.

I am thinking about buying an antique piano. What will it take to get it going?

Although older pianos seem inexpensive (or free) and are often built with beautiful woodwork, I must strongly encourage most piano buyers to avoid such pianos. As a piano ages, many of its internal components become too hard, stiff, brittle, loose, etc. While it is possible to replace parts as they become too old to function properly, it is surprisingly easy to spend more money correcting problems in an older piano than the piano is worth. Purchasing a quality instrument is well worth the additional expense.

Is it alright to buy a cheap piano for my child who is just starting lessons?

We recommend buying a piano that makes an enjoyable sound. A piano that is old or in poor condition may seem like a good deal, but please consider the following: On many lesser pianos, it is impossible for even the most proficient of pianists to make a beautiful sound. Why would a beginning pianist want to practice on a piano that is incapable of producing a pleasing sound? I’m sure that the frustrating experience of playing a poor quality instrument is the reason many choose to quit lessons after a short time.


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